As standard, Ryno products are filled with a non-reactive ballast to increase the weight (e.g. 165 lb for the lounge chair) making them difficult to pick up or throw, bringing added safety and peace of mind when they are used in extreme environments.

For added comfort, chairs are available with upholstered seat and back pads. A wide range of upholstery and 8 chair colors gives a high degree of personalization and choice.

Compliant with flammability standards UL94 HB. For upholstered items, tested to British Standard 5852:2006 ignition source 5.

A silver-oxide additive in the polymer provides anti-bacterial protection throughout the product – not just on the surface.

The polymer has been UV stabilized to protect against color-fade caused by sunlight. In addition, many of the products in our collection are water-resistant, making them ideal for outdoor use.

The Ryno lounge chair has been static weight tested to over 700 lb, making it suitable for bariatric patients.

Due to the one-piece construction of Ryno chairs, any stresses are evenly distributed throughout the structure resulting in excellent durability. This design also means that unlike a conventional chair, there are no legs which can be detached and used as weapons. Items are tested to BS EN 16139:2013 level 2 (severe contract use).

If required, the products can be securely fixed to the ground using heavy duty stainless steel brackets for ultimate security. Find more information here

Heavy duty stainless steel brackets allow chairs to be linked together, creating a safe, immovable bench.